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what to expect

Read on for a detailed overview of what you can expect from the full Wedding package


Before the day: You'll flick me a message with your wedding date, location and any thoughts you have for your day, or you may have met me at one of the regular Wedding Expos I attend, and we've already had a chat. I'll confirm a price for what you're looking for and send you through a booking confirmation and fillable form upon receipt of a 10% deposit to book the date.  The fillable form is for you to start jotting down the songs you have in mind for the special events throughout the day. This completed form, as well as a runsheet of the day with all bridal party members and speech givers named (if I'm MC'ing also), should be sent back within a month of the wedding to give me time to prepare and learn your requested songs. The outstanding payment is due at latest a week before the wedding date. We'll communicate as much as necessary in the lead-up to your wedding day to make sure everything is well-prepared and I am certain that things will run exactly as you dream them to. 

Before the ceremony: While you're getting ready I''ll travel to your chosen ceremony location, arriving approximately an hour before the ceremony is due to begin. I will ensure everything runs smoothly with the setup of sound equipment, instruments & sound check (let me know if there is no power at your location as I can bring along a generator), and have a quick chat to the celebrant to make sure we're on the same page. I then begin my live music performance as guests are arriving, approximately 20minutes before the ceremony.


The ceremony: Once the bride arrives and everyone is feeling ready to begin the formalities, I usually got a cue from the celebrant to begin the entrance songs of your choice (you may chose separate ones for bridal party & bride entrance, however I recommend you go with a single song which I can extend if necessary, unless your aisle is very long and you plan to walk very slowly). I will bring the music to an end once the bride is comfortable at the front, ready for the celebrant to take over. I will perform your request song for signing of the papers (this usually takes a while, so you may request 2 songs, or I will repeats parts of the song till we're ready to continue). At the conclusion of the ceremony I will either play live or a recorded version of your recession song. Recorded songs are often preferred here as they are fuller and more upbeat than a solo acoustic performance, fitting for the celebration of the moment. I will continue with a few more songs as guests are still mingling and saying their congratulations, then begin to move my equipment to the next performance location (if this is not the same). You would then typically head off with your bridal party and photographer, while your guests move to the reception location and enjoy some drinks. 

Cocktail hour: While you are off getting your photos taken, I will have set up at your chosen location and be entertaining your guests with my guitar & piano acoustic sets. Ideally this location would also be the location from where I will perform & DJ for the reception, however I understand that this is often not possible and have a system in place to be able to make the transitions smooth and non-disruptive. Approximately 20 minutes before the reception is due to begin I will begin to move and finalize set up in the reception space, including a small table as my DJ desk. My instruments will also follow me as I will continue with live performances. I will require from you only access to power and to know where you'd like me to be positioned.

The reception: Your chosen MC, myself or the venue staff will usher your guests into the reception space (if they are not already there) while some inviting, slightly more upbeat tunes are playing. Once guests are settled we will await the arrival of the bridal party. Once you arrive we'll have a quick chat to make sure you're aware of what will happen. The MC will announce housekeeping and encourage guests to welcome you to the reception space. Usually you would chose an upbeat recorded song for this, which I will fade in and out as each bridal party member/couple gets announced and enters individually, with you as MR & MRS being the big finale. Here smile, dance, clap,'s time to party! Settle in as I continue some soundtracks. Before and after speeches and over dinner I will usually continue with live performances (I typically eat while speeches are taking place, or put on a playlist to have dinner with the other suppliers while you are having dinner. I will perform or play your requested songs for the cutting of the cake, your first dance and any other dances or events you would like to highlight throughout the night (bouquet toss etc), then switch to DJ'ing some celebration vibes after the slow dances (usually 2-3) are over. DJ'ing lighting will come on, the lights dimmed, and the volume taken up a notch to get the dancefloor pumping. From here on I'll make sure everyone (even your MC) can let lose, and will ensure everything continues to run smoothly, including announcements for final drinks, bus arrivals, closing time etc.


After:  At the end of the night I will announce the final song and upon request coordinate a formal farewell of bride and groom. Lights will be turned up and I'll begin my packup as final guests are making their departures. A few days or weeks after your wedding I'll touch base with you one final time to get your feedback, wish you a happy married life and would greatly appreciate if you could leave a review for my services on a link that I will attach. 

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